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Special thanks to Cidran Falastion for compiling much of this information.
Dungeons are rated on a scale of one to five.

1= Novice
2 = Apprentice
3 = Expert
4 = Master
5 = Legendary


Alaric's Reptiles and More
Rating: 5
A massive cavern in the mountainside is where you'll find this trap. Death awaits any who would dare stroll inside without being prepared. Giant serpents, drakes, wyverns, dragons, deranged and dark humanoids, zealous worshippers and the demonic forces spend their time, waiting for their prey in here. Please Note: While this dungeon's entrance is located in Trammel, the actual battle zone is not.

Rating: 1-3
Winding corridors of rock lead to the top of this mountainous dungeon where harpies, lizardmen and even the undead in their mountain keep toil. Dragons and drakes have also been known to lurk deep within.

Rating: 1-3
If you seek shelter from the frozen tundra then look elsewhere my friend. The undead rule here, and in force! The lowliest of skeletons up to the mighty liches and their lords. There are a small number of elementals that call this place home as well.

Rating: 1-3
A deep series of tunnels carved into the earth containing various forms of humanoid monsters. From ettins, ogres, lizardmen and trolls to the occasional Drake and Elementals.

Rating: 2-5
This massive cave contains some of the fiercest creatures of the land! Here be dragons! Bring your shield and your wits if you wish to stay alive here, and a friend or two couldn't hurt! The dragons share their home with wyverns, drakes and the reptile friendly elementals that wish to feed upon your flesh!

Rating: 1-3
Located within the heart of a semi-dormant volcano you'll find this playground. Filled with all sorts of things that wish to see you take your last breath. Creatures that have become at home with the flowing lava stream to dark wizards and the undead. Not for those who prefer cooler climates.

Rating: 1-4
Dark and mysterious conjurings are going about here. A dark portal has been opened and the denizens of the underworld have made this their home! Imps, hell hounds, succubi, gargoyles and everything else demonic you'll find here. The undead and spiders have claimed portions of this dungeon as well!

Rating: 1-4
This cavernous dungeon will chill you to the bone! Literally. Don't be fooled by all the ice and snow.. there's no time for snow angels here. Ice snakes, ice and snow elementals, frost spiders, ratmen and an assortment of other cold and frozen creatures await you here. Pay heed to this warning though, there lurks here a white wyrm who will find you a tasty treat as will the ice fiends.

Orc Cave
Rating: 1-3
Greebas hoomies! Ou dun kom or ou git clomp reel ard! Dah uruk clomp ou an eat ou an dispay ou head! (Translation: Greetings humans! You don't come, or you get "clomped" real hard! The uruks "clomp" you and eat you and display your head!) The uruks have claimed this cavern as their base of operations, and with good reason. There be "shinies" in this here cave! Watch out for the brutes, they don't take kindly to "hoomies" invading their space!

Prehistoric Caves
Rating: 2-4
Frozen in the time in which they were carved this place remains a mystery to everyone. Ancient and prehistoric creatures dwell within! The location is a secret.

Rating: 1-3
The land of the elementals! You'll find every variety of elemental here, from the earth and air to blood and poison! Keep your wits about you though, the elements aren't the only things that move down here. Dark wizards, the undead and a various assortment of nasty things.

Terathan Keep
Rating: 2-4
This once abandoned fortress lives once again with creatures so terrifying they are the stuff of nightmares! Watch your back in here lest you find yourself caught in the middle of a power struggle! The terathans and ophidians vying for absolute control of the keep, trying to call on the services of demonic forces and the occasional dragon to aide in their struggle.

Rating: 2-3
What appears to be an ancient tomb now houses the mysterious Juka, and their mechanical contraption.. the golem! The Juka have set up a series of torture chambers and cells.. you have been warned.

Rithik's Shack
Rating: 5
This humble dwelling was built many years ago by the mighty Orc warrior known as Forest Rithik. He had two twin offspring named Ust and Pigdug who took over the old place when Rithik moved. It's not exactly a safe place to venture alone anymore!

Cove of Dark Shadows
Rating: 5
Here there be pirates! There also be lots of loot as this seems to be their treasure cove! This of course means it's in a secret location. Please Note: While this dungeon's entrance is located in Trammel, the actual battle zone are not.

Rating: 1-5
New adventures await you in the Sanctuary where outcast elves and renegade titans are in a clash over who rules the territory! But you'll need the password to get in. Look for Godiker, the fletcher, to set you on your way.

Painted Caves
Rating: 5
This is small dungeon located just a little south west of Trinsic. Don't let the small size fool you! This dungeon is home of the Grobu, Lurg, and Troglodyte!

Pirate ship!
Rating: 5
The pirates raided Magincia then sailed for home! I wonder where home could be. It's a battle on the high seas! It is said that the captain holds a map to a treasure like no other! Maybe it's true. Who knows, but there's one way to find out! A quest for summoning the pirate captain is on the north Magincia docks and should also give a clue leading to the location of the pirates.

Mazer the Mad Wizard's Maze Tower
Rating: 3-5
Mazer the mad wizard has built a maze of a tower and guarded it with warriors of incredibly strong defense! He feared warriors and so has made himself and his fortress nearly untouchable by strength or skill of sword. However, his pride has left a weakness in his defense! He considers himself the strongest wizard of all time and so considers other mages of little concern. This may work well to your advantage! The entrance to his tower is a bit of a puzzle tower itself and may be found to the north of the hedge maze. By the way, his tower also may hold an extremely rare treasure of great value.

Vennominaga dungeon
Rating: 5
Delucia and Papua have recently come under attacks from a tribe of Ophidians who they were supposed to be at peace with. Well, as usual you can't trust a snake, but maybe there's more to this instance. Talk to the Wolven and Feline captains about it.

Tower of the Sylanavi and the Oracles of Roccos
Rating: 5
Who are the Sylanavi exactly? How did they get so powerful? Are they good or bad? Perhaps you can seek out the Oracle's tower and find out for yourself! The tower is said to be hidden in an ancient and mysterious land. When you wander until you're lost then you might just be geting close! Beware of approaching their tower should you find it. They do not take kindly to uninvited guest snooping around their region as they are extremely reclusive and secretive.

The Sunken Island Fortress
Rating: 5
Many hundreds of years ago, there was a temple fortress on a small island in the sea, but the island sank and the temple was presumed destroyed as well. Both have been a quiet page in the chapters of history until only recently when a small group of fisherman from Skara Brae were blown off course in a storm and ended up somewhere between Magincia, Skara Brae, and Moon Glow between 4392, 2019 and 4734, 2281. They finally made it back alive with tales of a half sunken fortress guarded by a strange sea monster as well as krakens and sea serpents! Just off the west coast of the little island near Skara Brae is a terrible thunderstorm just like the fishermen described. It is dangerous, but perhaps inside this storm is the key to finding the temple fortress just as the fishermen did before! Somewhere in the storm speak the keyword "storm" and be teleported to the temple fortress.

Flying Island
Rating: 1-3
Rumors have surfaced and spread about the sighting of a flying city somewhere off the western coast of Yew. But even if such a city exists, how would one get onto it or even find it? Well, seems the coast of Yew is a good place to start searching for someone who might know!

Chief Paroxymus Lair
Rating: 2-5
Tales of toxic gasses and scratching in the night has lead you to explore the lost lands. The green, stinging mist grows thicker as you approach a corpse of trees when, suddenly you hear the pleading of a poor wrench. I implore you adventurer. Please seek out the source of this evil and put an end to it! Kill the king so that our children will be freed from the shackles of this monster!

Gorgon Caves
Rating: 4-5
These are the caves where the dreaded gorgons live. Some are gorgons by birth and some by curse, but either way be careful! Looking at them may turn you to stone! It can be difficult to fight an enemy you can't face, but there may be a cleaver way to do it! The entrance to the main dungeon is in the western mountain range of the Lost Lands.

Savage Temple
Rating: 4-5
The savages have a temple with hidden treasures and hidden dangers! Stay alert or end up dead! The entrance is in a cave in a mountain range near some savages who live in a swamp near Destard. Beware, the entrance is Trammel, but the dungeon is in Felucca!


Stillwater Deep
Rating: 3-5
Arr, there be dangerous thin's lurkin 'bout in the water. Stillwater deep, a haunted pirate vessel that will surely send you running in fear. The location is a secret. Note: While this dungeon's entrance is located in Ilshenar, the actual battle zones are not.

Ancient Lair
Rating: 2-5
Pools of lava gather and flow in this dangerous cave filled with fire elementals, efreets, and lava lizards. Stay close to the exit or else you may draw the attention of the ever hungry ancient wyrm and her daemon allies!

Rating: 1-4
This once noble stronghold in the mountain, now deserted, can bring death to those who are not careful. A varied denizen of monstrosities await down below from ratmen and dark wizards to the undead and their lich masters. And for the more exceptionally brave you can find a variety of elementals, drakes, and dragons!

Rating: 3-5
This oversized torture hall waits patiently to add your blood to it's pools. The echoes of screams fill the air as you attempt to stay alive. This dark locale is home to the blood elemental. Don't be unprepared though, you'll find the dark forces of the underworld present here, from imps and succubi to the feared balron! Dark and twisted humans have taken refuge here as well, along with a sinister form of wisps that unlike their neutral brother will attack everything in their path!

Rating: 1-3
The hum and whirring of strange mechanical devices echoes through the halls with a low drone. Gargoyles and dark humanoids roam these halls, but keep an eye out for the strange creations of metal. For here the minions of exodus roam free.

Lizard Passage
Rating: 1-5
The tattered banners that mark this cave's entrance gives but a hint as to what inhabits this small crevice in the land. The lizardmen go about to and fro as they pay homage to their master. Their master is no lizardman however, but the fierce ancient wyrm!

Mushroom Cave
Rating: 2-4
This beautiful cave hidden by vines and flowers has been taken over by a variety of harpies and water elementals. They are however not the only danger to be faced here as a almost invisible creature awaits... the shadow wyrm!

Rat Cave
Rating: 1-4
An abandoned mine for some time it's now inhabited by ratmen and the left over earth elementals released by the former miners. These old miners however dug up something they couldn't contain and now it's name is uttered only in whispers of fear by the town folk nearby.. the skeletal dragon!

Rating: 2-4
This location remains one of the mysterious, for its former purpose is not know. However the maze of corridors and twisting halls indicate it was once a stronghold. Out of all the dangerous places you'll find here this one is the least populated, but don't let that fool you even though the Rock lacks numbers it makes up for it with sheer strength! Undead, elementals, humanoids and even the mysterious beholder like kin known as the gazers wander these halls.

Rating: 2-5
Sorcerers dungeon was once a prominent wizards guild and school. It has since become a dark and twisted laboratory of death and destruction. The old wizards have either lost their minds and gone mad or were killed by their summonings. The undead, elementals, demonic forces and the gazers roam these halls.

Rating: 3-5
Within the seclusion of an ancient temple lies this tomb. Once the burial place for the noblest of Ilshenar's denizens it now lies corrupted with the undead and twisted humans!

Spider Cave
Rating: 2-3
If eight legged freaks are not your cup of tea then steer clear! This cave is home to some of the vilest of spiders. Their sticky webs will surely ensnare those who don't watch their step.

Rating: 2-5
This cave, which was been fortified with brick walls and flooring was once home to the mysterious wisps. No overrun with elementals, undead, demons, balrons and nearly everything else to send you running!

Shadhavar's Dungeon
Rating: 2-4
This dungeon ranges in monsters from elementals to pirates to evil unicorns and more! Look for the purple Yew tree south east of Lakeshire. Please Note: While this dungeon's entrance is located in Ilshenar, the actual battle zones are not.

The Twisted Weald
Rating: 5
The Dryads and Satyrs have feuded for years since both lay claim to the weald in which they live, but now their feud has grown to very dangerous proportions! Who is to blame for this new danger that threatens their home? Who really has the right to weald? Who knows, but who will you help? Beware, if you are female and fight the Satyrs, you may wish to disguise yourself. If you are male and fight the Dryads, you may wish to disguise yourself as well.

Gargoyl Mines
Rating: 3-4
A frantic old miner has escaped from a horrible dungeon where he had been held captive for years, and now he wants to tell his tale of the horrors he's seen. He has made his way through Ilshenar to the town of Lakeshire. Find him and hear his story. Please Note: While this dungeon's entrance is located in Ilshenar, the actual battle zones are not.

Cave of Madness
Rating: ?-?
You wish to learn the ways of chaos magic? Go north east of the barbarians of Chaos village and enter the cave of madness where the small must bring down the great and the great the small. You must fear to bring down the strong and be brave to defeat the weak. You must learn to be not what you are to bring to naught what is to gain what might be got or else lose in madness what you may not have anyway! Change yourself or lose yourself. Succeed or fail. There is no try.

Barbarians of Chaos Temple
Rating: 5
Balkoth's empire was destroyed many years ago, but he has maintained a powerful personal army which he has used to raid villages and towns on his quest to reclaim his domain. They have tried to drive him from their temple, but he is too strong. He has a powerful force of many vampires who serve him. As a last resort, they've tried to burn them out. However, it has still not defeated them, so they need your help!

Barbarian Marauder cave
Rating: 5
A small group of Chaos Barbarian warriors turned marauder and allied themselves with various other vagabond creatures to raid villages and kill the other Chaos Barbarian people. They were last seen in a cave to the north-east of the Chaos Barbarian villiage.


Rating: 3-5
The name of this dungeon says it all, the undead occupy these halls along with the misshapen monstrosities of the region!

The Vu Castle
Rating: 1-5
The once powerful warriors known as the Vu lived here many years ago. Since they have left the castle has had various owners, but is now haunted by the spirits of the Vu! Beware! There is a rune to the castle under the pavilion next to the meadow in Magincia.

Technomancer Empire Capital City
Rating: 4-5
Tezla was the founder of the two schools of Technomancy. The followers of Tezla from both sects eventually founded their own empire in the city of Umbra and for the most part cooperated well together for the good of their empire. The entrance to their city is on the east of Umbra. However, in more recent years the necromancer sect gained a great deal more power and influence. For many years their vile tendencies were sedated within the empire, but now their obsession with death and violence has spread taking the empire down an ever darkening path.

Crystal Mines
Rating: 4-5
The Technomancer Empire uses crystals for their golems. These special crystals are mined by dwarven slaves from a special crystal mine. This mine is so dark, even magically dark, that night sight does not work, but it's probably for the best! You may want to see the light given off by the crystals to be able to effectively fight the creatures that lurk in this dark mine. To defeat them you fight them within the moving light given off by various crystals. The lights can also resurrect you! The entrance to the mines is in the Technomancer Empire's Capital City.


Fan Dancer Dojo
Rating: 2-4
The dojo, the training center for the deadly fan dancers and a wide variety of demonic kind. This series of underground tunnels and training rooms will surely lead to your demise if you're not careful.

Fan Dancer Palace
Rating: 4-5
There’s an expansion to the Fan Dancer Dojo. Fight your way down to the depths of the dungeon and find the entrance to Fan Dancer Palace!

Assassin's Fortress
Rating: 4-5
This is a fortress of deadly traps! Find your way through the traps to complete the quest for the prize. There are also random rare prizes! The entrance to this dungeon is at the east corner of the Fan Dancer Palace.

Yomotsu Mines
Rating: 4
The Yomotsu, one of the deadliest creatures in all of Tokuno. Here they mine the earth, ripping it of its precious ore and valuable stones, awakening the very earth which pays them no heed.

Tokuno Deep
Rating: 1-3
On the southern coast of Isamu-Jima you might notice there is a lot of wreckage, and you might wander why and where it all came from. If you sail out from there, you may just find out! Near 1149, 1240 off the southern coast of Isamu-Jima is a very large whirlpool. You might avoid getting pulled in for a while, but be careful how you approach this deadly phenomenon or you may join others at the bottom of the sea! Please Note: While this dungeon's entrance is located in Tokuno, the actual battle zones are not.

The evil abode of Abraxius
Rating: 5
Beware this place is dark and evil and the power of nature is not as strong here! This is the dwelling of the evil liche Abraxius and the Guardian of his dead heart. (He may be "retired" but he's no less evil... just less busy taking over things hehe.) Please Note: While this dungeon's entrance is located in Tokuno, the actual battle zones are not.
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