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Crafting has a large place in the Sylvan Heart economy and has a potential wealth of profits, all ready to be tapped into by the savvy and patient player. This short guide will list a few of the basics for new players - however, note there are "secrets" of the trade, if you will, and those will be left for you to figure out.

Transmutation Box
Prepare to become good friends with this little box, for if you treat it well, it will reward you with many riches. One of the main functions of the transmutation box is to “re-roll” BoDs (Bulk Order Deeds), allowing you to obtain the BoD that you really need. How do you do this you ask? Simply place the BoD inside the box along with some gold coins (1000 gold for small BoD, 3000 for large) and click “apply” on the gump that shows up.

Transmutation Box

A list of some other things this box can do:
  • Convert Atonements: 20,000 atonements = 1 virtue skull (VS) – Be careful that you do not click “apply” again after converting the atonements into a VS, because this will give you an origami kit.
  • Origami Kit: 1 VS = A 1 time use Origami Kit
  • Name Change Deed: 2 VS = name change deed (one time use)
  • Carpet Addon Deed: 2 VS and a spool of thread = carpet addon deed. Marvelous for decorating!
  • Item Rename Deed: 1 VS and 1 blank scroll = a deed that you can use to name a special item.
Tools and Resources
Every crafter needs tools and resources and there are a few things that will help to know:
Resource Box: This handy storage container can hold valuable resources in one single place! No more overflowing chests of logs, ingots, etc, etc, etc. Lock this down in your home and add or remove resources as desired. Please avoid using any [sort or [dump commands into these boxes! They can cause problems for the shard and can potentially crash it.
Toolbox: Add tools to it and retrieve high usage tools. IE: add four 50 use shovels and retrieve a 200 use shovel. Convenient!
[harvest: Sets a bag where all your ore, stone, logs etc. will go. Handy to use when trying to avoid inventory cluttering.
[moveitems: This command will help you sort through any unnecessary resources/tools. Just type this in and target an empty bag on the ground. Also, [moveitems exact can be used to move the EXACT type of item.

Crafting Stations
To become a serious crafter, you will need a serious workplace. Certain items such as the Resource Box/Toolbox require you to lock them down before using them. Put the free 10x10 house to good use and customize your very own workplace! Also, placing your vendor at your house is a great way to make money.

Vendor Portals
A little SW of the meadow and West of the Rune Library, is the vendor portals area (refer to the map in the New Players Guide if you're having trouble finding it. Its at the "Events Center"). You can page a GM to place a portal for you to your vendor. However, note that if your vendor is unstocked and inactive for a long period of time, you will lose your portal spot.

Vendor porters