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What you need

An account: Join the forums and pm GM Iris or Admin Cypress
Sylvan Patcher: Sylvan_patcher_12_12_2011.exe
(Note: If you previously used the Sylvan_patcher_9_23_2011.exe then you can download and use the updater instead located here:

Mondain's Legacy: uoml_setup.exe
Razor: Razor_Latest.exe

Getting an account
Sylvan Heart is not an auto-account creation shard. You will need to send a request for an account.

Please join the forums and send GM Iris or Admin Cypress a pm. Tell a bit about your gaming experience, UO, role play, and the like. Be sure to include an account name and password that you would like to use to log in with: can't make your account without these.

Connecting to Sylvan

1. Install Mondain's Legacy and patch up to 5.0.6
2. Install Razor
3. Type in the server and port and make sure that the “Patch Client Encryption” box is checked as shown in the picture below.
4. Install the patches

Port: 2593

Razor setup step 1

If you installed Mondain's Legacy to a location other than the default then you will need to set Razor to use your location. Click browse and go to the location you installed to.

Razor setup step 2

Razor setup step 2

You are now ready for step four: installing the patches. Now run the Sylvan patcher as shown below.

Patch installing step 1

The default location should be already set, but if you installed Mondain's Legacy to a location other than the default then you will need to set the location for the patch installer to the location you installed to. To do this, click the browse button and go to the location that you installed to.

Patch installing step 2

Patch installing step 2

Now click the install button to have the patches installed. When you do this, a box will come up asking if you would like to replace the existing file. If you are sure you want to install the Sylva patches, then click "yes to all" as shown in the image below. Note that if you do not install the Sylvan patches you may have trouble playing on the shard.

Patch installing step 3

Once the files are installed the patcher will finish and give you the complete message. You can now click the "ok" button, lauch Razor, and begin to play!

Patch installing complete!

You are now all setup to play Sylvan! If you need any further help, just post on the fourms or send a PM to admin Cypress via the forums. Enjoy!