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Donate to Sylvan Heart

After you make a donation, send Iris and myself a pm via the forums with this information:

Account name
Amount of donation
Transaction ID
Desired donation reward
and possibly for which character

Once you have made a donation, it will be recorded and then Admin Cypress or Iris will help you with the item you select.

Donation and Virtue Skull Rewards

All of the following rewards are available as a thank you to people who donate funds to aid in the upkeep and costs of running Sylvan Heart. They may also be had with in game Virtue Skulls that can be acquired through attending on-line events and some special MOBs drops.

Disclaimer: The Virtue Skull holds no real world value, nor does any item on the donation gift list.

$2 or 2 VS - Name change

$2 or 2 VS - Take your pick of any of the lesser Tokuno artifacts.

$2 or 2 VS - Item rename by GM

$2 or 3 VS - Gender change

$2 or 4 VS - Have a 1-animal spawner for you yard. This is for non-monster creatures only.

$3 or 5 VS - Tired of the way your vendor looks? Does staring at him make you yawn? For a $3 donation, we will change his body into that of any Monster in the game...within reason, of course. An ancient diamond dragon body would not be suitable but a demon shape might work!

$3 or 5 VS - Dyed backpack on your paperdoll - any color on universal dye tub.

$3 or 7 VS - 1 Pet bonding deed.

$3 or 7 VS - Tired of being in the middle of Doom and all of a sudden you are starving to death? You can have your hunger and thirst levels set to 1000 and go hours and days without the pesky need to eat and drink. Duration for this will vary depending on your in game time.

$5 or 5 VS - 350,000 in game gold

$5 or 10 VS - Want a special title? Do the standard UO titles not quite fit what your character role plays? We can change it for you! As an example, you play a druid and 'druid' is not a title that UO used. We can change your "the alchemist" title or "the mage" title to "the druid". Perhaps your daemon wants "the conqueror" instead of "the warrior". We can do that too! All new titles have to be cleared with the Admins ahead of time.

$5 or 10 VS - Want a different hair style from the normal ones available? We have several different special styles to choose from!

$5 or 10 VS - Have a 3-animal spawner for you yard. This is for non-monster creatures only.

$5 or 10 VS - We will bless any article of clothing. (non-magical)

$5 or 10 VS - A 5 charge, Resurrection Token. Buy one of these and carry it around in your pack. It is blessed, naturally, and if you die, you'll get the usually resurrection gump after a few seconds. Click OK and not only will you be ressed, but you'll regain full strength, mana and stamina.

$5 or 10 VS - Runebook with 100 charges (100 maximum charges too)

$5 or 10 VS - Want to change a piece of clothing or armor into something else? A valorite plate chest could be changed into an evening gown or fancy shirt. We can change the item id, but it has to fit into the same body slot as the original item. We do NOT change item ids on weapons, but we might be able to change the sound for a weapon! (Please note, various special items might not be available for this. Items changed at admin discretion.)

$7 or 10 VS - Certificate for 2 uses for past Hues of the Month.

$8 or 25 VS - Set any stat to 150.

$10 or 10 VS - A medium eight-gun galleon for Sylvan seas adventures!

$10 or 10 VS - 3000 Valorite ingots.

$10 or 15 VS - Love trees? Then you probably love the Yew tree as one of the largest and most beautiful trees in Sylvan. Now, you can have one of these majestic trees growing in your own yard!

$10 or 15 VS - Do you want your white wyrm or dragon to masquerade as an ancient dragon? We can do that! The hue canít be adjusted to your petís original color, but the shape can change. Be the envy of everyone at the local Taming hangout! Shape changes need to be within reason. A dragon wonít be changed into a rat.

$10 or 17 VS - A 100 use Socket hammer.

$10 or 20 VS - Take your pick of any of the greater Tokuno artifacts. These come blessed.

$10 or 30 VS - We will bless any wearable item.

$15 or 20 VS - One socket added to an item by a GM

$20 or 20 VS - A large ten-gun galleon for Sylvan seas adventures!

$20 or 20 VS - We will add 200 luck to any 1 item. This can be clothing, jewelry, armor or a weapon. (maximum luck on any item is 300)

$20 or 35 VS - A Paragon artifact of your choice. These will be blessed.

$20 or 40 VS - Set any skill to 120. You must have enough skill points left over to do this.

$30 or 40 VS - Select any mythic augmentation.

$30 or 40 VS - Own a home stable stone! This provides an extra place to stable pets. The number of extra slots depend on skill of the owner. It cost 1000 gold per pet per week to stable pets inside it. It will stack up debt up to 500k gold. If you are in debt to it, then you can't get your pets out till you pay it lol. Also, the amount of pets you can store inside depends on you skills! Use hstable and hclaim commands to work it.

$30 or 50 VS - Is the race that you role play not listed? Would you like to be part dragon or part doom creature? We have a special race stone just for you! Choose your new shape and a hue to go with it if needed, and be who you truly want to be!

$40 or 50 VS - Valorite runic hammer, Fletching tool or Barbed sewing kit (50 Charges)

$40 or 60 VS - A Doom artifact of your choice. These will be blessed.

$50 or 65 VS - Change skill cap to 1300 for one character.

$50 or 100 VS - Additional, GM placed classic home plot in a unique area, mountains, water, Felucca (approved area). Teleporter to another house is allowed, except for Felucca placements.

$75 or 115 VS - Change skill cap to 1400 for one character.

$100 or 125 VS - Change your skill cap from 1200 to 1500 for one character.

$100 or 125 VS - Ancient smithy hammer (600 uses and +60 smithing skill)