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What you need
The Sylvan Installer: SH_installer.exe
Alternate link: SH_installer.exe

Getting an account
Sylvan Heart is not an auto-account creation shard. You will need to send a request for an account.

Please join the forums and send Admin Cypress a pm. Tell a bit about your gaming experience, UO, role play, and the like. Be sure to include an account name and password that you would like to use to log in with: can't make your account without these.

Connecting to Sylvan without Razor
Simply run installer should place a Sylvan Heart shortcut on your desktop. Open that and welcome to the land of Sylvan Heart!

Optional parts
Razor: Razor Page

Season Patches:
Winter and Other Seasons (For use only with Razor!)
Winter and Other Seasons (For use without Razor!)

Connecting to Sylvan if you use Razor
1. Run the Sylvan installer and take note of the install location.

Sylvan Heart Installer

2. Install Razor.
3. Type in the server and port and make sure that the "Patch Client Encryption" box is checked as shown in the picture below.

Port: 2593

Razor server and port settings

4. Set the Razor "UO Data Directory" by clicking browse and going to the location you installed to as shown in the pictures below.

Razor UO Data Directory settings

Razor UO Data Directory settings

5. Click the Okay button and welcome to the land of Sylvan Heart!

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