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Marketvale Citizens Guild (CMV)
Returning Home
Leader: Guin
Marketvale is one of the oldest towns in the land being founded by the Marketvale Citizens Guild just to the north-east of the Brittan swamp region. For a time it fell into disrepair as its numbers dwindled but has recently been rejuvenated by the citizens who once loved it. They are a role-play oriented guild with a stable structure for warriors, tamers, mages, and crafters and their doors are now open again to new citizens.

Felucca Warriors (F*W)
Leader: Mina d'ecosse
Info: Another of the oldest guilds on the shard. Warriors of Felucca dedicated to conquest in the lands of Felucca and to making friends and sharing good times.

Elements of War (EoW)
Leader: Landon lordd
Elements of War is a relatively young guild but has grown quickly and become quite strong. They’ve carved out the town of Pryedale for themselves in the land of Malas near the mountains far west of Umbra. They have been described as “a have fun suggest something and go die type of guild.” So, join up if you are just such a seeker of adventure!

Knights of Thunder (KoT)
Leader: Delano
Another of the newer guilds that has quickly risen to power is the Knights of Thunder. They made a town for themselves in a corner of Malas far east of Luna in a green valley between the snow covered mountains. They are a powerful guild of warriors and craftsmen dedicated to adventure.

Fae Government
Leader: Abraxys Ravenwind
First there was the Fae government which grew under the leadership of Stroem Safai to become the Empire of Wind and while remaining a Fae centered group, they began to welcome other races into fellowship with the Fae. However, eventually the Empire dissolved and the Fae government has returned under the leadership of Abraxys Ravenwind.

This isn't an official guild. It’s more of a political RP group hence the name. Non-fae will be able to join a large council of the realm while the Fae will have their own private council meetings in wind. In these separate sessions, there will be discussions of alliances, racial treaties for peace, and possible laws all done with light/moderate RP. Also, you should expect clashes in the larger council session between the good/neutral/and darker aligned members. These “clashes” may be debates or more just where ever the RP might lead (while keeping the Shard rules in mind of course). For those who may be interested send a pm to Abraxys in or out of game. We look forward to seeing how things progress!

Empire of Sosaria (E†S)
New adventures
Dust, Spiders, and Forgotten Promises
The Empire of Sosaria
Dark Times
The Empire of Sosaria
Ashes of the Phoenix
Jazmyn's End
Leader: Phoenix
This is one of the older empires this shard has seen. It was originally started and led by Manamotto and then by the legendary Icemere Frostblade himself. Upon his retirement, leadership of the Empire was taken up very shortly by Ryori and then by Jager. Jager, only being a crafter, decided it best to pass leadership to the more capable hands of his good friend Phoenix. However, it was not long before lords Phoenix and Jager took a retirement journey of their own. Being left without a leader, the empire crumbled somewhat and was left behind to be remembered only in books of legend and history and in songs of the bards. However, both lords Phoenix and Jager have returned from their journeys and are rebuilding the empire! The power of the once great Empire of Sosaria is rising again... what will this new rise to power bring? Time will tell.

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