Less opaque

Here are the current rules - any changes to these will be announced here and on the website (once it is fully built - this is in progress).

• Pick names for your characters and pets that are appropriate to the medieval world of Ultima. That means no names like "Chevy Man", "YoAzIzMine", "IaMdEAth", "MentosMan", "LaserBlaster", "Chuck Norris", and so on. Avoid names of well known people, television or movie celebrities. Avoid purely descriptive names like "Smithy" or "Mule", etc, etc.
• Elaborate role playing names are not only permitted but encouraged.
• Fantasy and RPG Names Generator is a nice site to get some ideas if you want some name possibilities. There are many other sites that have a utility to generate names as well
• Please try and pick a name that is a name or can be justified in the role play setting.

• Macroing is allowed 24/7 as long as you are in a private area. We offer all players a free 10x10 house so you can macro there.
• Macros must be quiet - no saying pointless things, or making NPCs constantly chatter
• AFK Macroing is defined as any macroing where you are not paying attention to the game screen - this includes reading or posting in the forum.
• All AFK Macros are suggested to have an 8-10 second gap between actions.
• Resources must not be macro harvested when AFK. This includes ore, wood, wool, yarn, cloth, fishing and crops. If you are detected in this activity you will be jailed the 1st and 2nd time for increasing amounts of jail rock. If you are caught again, you most likely will be banned.
• There is no need to macro skills on a ship. We've had people running noisy macros where they are constantly changing directions, working an 8x8 (which doesn't work here anyway) or whatever.
• NEVER macro custom items such as resource chests, toolboxes, gem resource chests or whittling, these can crash the shard.

Player Conduct
• Do not spam in game, especially in a public place or over shard chat.
• Respect the Staff and Players. No harassing, no name calling, no cursing, luring MOBs, impersonating staff or players, no griefing of any kind. Period. This applies to the forums as well. If you enjoy flaming others for fun or profit, go somewhere else.
• Use the Page system if you need help or have a question for Staff. Do NOT PM Staff or call for Staff on the chat system. In most cases, we'll just ignore that type of contact.
• Wear clothes. This is a family shard. Deliberate offenders will be jailed. Deliberate multiple offenders face a ban
• Tokuno and Ocllo are under Felucca rules. You can steal from players or kill them. However, try to have a bit of class and roleplay it a bit. We do not promote Player Killing but we do recognize that some players enjoy this type of activity. We do insist it must be role played. Don't meet a person and immediately attack them without warning and then shriek at their corpse how u r00l and they are not only lamrz but also pwned.
Rather, notify them of your intent and then get to work. It'd be lovely to see a player declare "Your gold or your life ..." and so on. In fact, play it to the hilt and be a wandering ronin, disgusted with imperial edicts and determined to survive by your wits and skill at arms.
Note: Tokuno and Ocllo are under Felucca rules! This bears repeating. Don't go there and then complain after wards if you get pk'd or have something stolen. However, if players are found in Tokuno who are just engaging in player killing and not role playing it, there will be severe consequences
• In the event of a group battle or set event, looting other players is forbidden, and will be punished.

• We have Auto-Jail running. The program has the list of words it will jail for... it is just a program, it can't understand that you typed it on accident, or you didn't mean it as a bad word, or you were just role playing. All it knows is that that group of letters put together are in its no-no list. So if you say a "bad" word, you'll find yourself in a rocky area and having to mine sufficient jail rock to win your freedom. Don't ask to be released early and for heaven's sake, don't cuss while you are in there or your jail rock amount will be doubled automatically. Anyone caught trying to get around the filter can be jailed without warning by staff. Just don't use naughty words and don't act shocked when you get caught.

• Do not use the [afk command and stand in a public place, such as our Meadow. That is annoying. Go out on the beach and snooze.
• One account per person. If you sneak in an alias and get another account, both of them are up for deletion. However, it is perfectly acceptable to have two or more unique accounts (1 per person) in a family with the same IP number, ie: a cable connection or whatever. Please PM Cypress with your account names if you do have multiple people on the same connection to avoid being considered as the same person
• Exploits: Do not exploit bugs. If you know of a bug or potential exploit, Page for a GM or PM Alder on the forum. Exploits include speed hacking, 'clever' ways to beat the system, outright bugs, etc. If you are caught exploiting bugs you will be banned first time. No second chances on that sort of thing.
• Do not ask Staff members for skill modifications, stat changes, special items, item tweaks, transport, resurrections and so on. If you die in-game for whatever reason, we are truly sorry but we cannot replace your items, mounts or pets. We are here to help things go smooth and continue to build a world that will be a virtual home for all of us. But, we aren't going to shower you with "stuff".

Quests and Spawns
• Quest answers and special spawn spots are not meant to be public knowledge, only the knowledge of those that work hard to find them. It is not fair to those that do work hard to find the special things themselves when brand new players come in and then near instantly have the druid staff because they were told the locations. So please refrain from telling your friends and definitely DO NOT discuss these special spawns and quests in public chat, or anywhere else for that matter. If this continues to happen, not only will spawns be moved, answers be changed, but it’s likely that fewer will be created in future because of it. So lets not cheapen the shard by giving answers away. It spoils the fun of many.