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Trammel Quest

Wander's Quest
It may start in Trammel but it wanders! Find the first book in the Magincia event center.

Larcenous Craft
Put your thieving skills to use doing this quest. Look for Felonious Gyle in the city of thieves.

Gargoyle Mines
A frantic old miner has escaped from a horrible dungeon mine where he had been held captive for years, and now he wants to tell his tale of the horrors he's seen. he has made his way through Ilshenar to the town of Lakeshire. find him and hear his story.

Skippy the Squirrel
Find Skippy the squirrel under the big shade tree near the lumber mill and help him collect his nuts.

Pirates sail the Sylvan Seas!
Pirates have raided Magincia! Head to the north docs of Magincia and chase them. The quest holds the key to get to the pirate captain. It is said he hold a map to a treasure like no other! Maybe it's true. Who knows, but there's one way to find out!

Scout Work
(Ophidian Rebellion - help Sssiceria - Vennominaga)
Delucia and Papua have recently come under attacks from a tribe of Ophidians who they were supposed to be at peace with. Well, as usual you can't trust a snake, but maybe there's more to it this time. Talk to the Wolven and Feline captains about it.

Discover Sanctuary
New adventures await you in Sanctuary where outcast elves and renegade titans are in a clash over who rules the territory! But, you'll need the password to get in. Look for Godiker the fletcher to set you on your way.

Help Meko!
Deep in a mysterious land there is a tower where lives a reclusive group of very powerful beings and their Oracle allies. The tower is guarded by their ninja. Some of these are willing servants seeking the power of these beings, but others like Meko have been tricked or forced into servitude. Can you help free Meko and her clan?

Help Tezla
Tezla is a Technomancer Oracle of the Sylanavi. He's working on newer and stronger golems! He wants you to get parts for him.

Ignatious' Experiment
Ignatious is a Druid Oracle of the Sylanavi. He's been experimenting with a pet growth formula, but needs a dragon egg for testing. Find him an egg!

Save the Flying Island
Harpies, wisp, elementals, and birds have all lived peacefully on the flying island until an evil being called General Mechanite invaded. He brought flying metal creatures and even metal harpies to take the island and steal the levitant stone that makes the island fly. The Harpy Queen of the peaceful creatures who live there urgently begs your help in defeating Mechanite and rescuing her stolen egg as well as others' stolen chicks!

The Missing Link
Caelan doesn't know where Link has gone to. Link is missing! Help Caelan find the illusive Link! This quest is found in a Trammel Wolven village but leads into Felucca.

Stag of the Eternal Forest
This is a long quest! This special mask is sought after by many for the special powers it gives to the one who wears it.

Holy Mask of the Bear
Like the Quest of the Stag, this is a long quest too! This special mask is also sought after by many for the special powers it gives to the one who wears it.

Daemonic Uprising
Stop the daemons from amassing enough numbers to begin their assault!

Punish the Fae
Those do-gooder Fae are trying to stop the daemonic assault! They must be punished!

Little Anya Sween
This poor little girl whose life was taken needs your help! Avenge her death so she may rest in peace.

Elwood McCarrin
He needs your help. He hangs out in a tavern near the docks of an island town.

Grizelda the Hag
She needs some assistance and can be found in some ruins somewhere between Brittan and Yew.

Stop Chief Paroxymus
Tales of toxic gasses and scratching in the night has lead you to explore the lost lands. The green, stinging mist grows thicker as you approach a corpse of trees when, suddenly you hear the pleading of a poor wrench. I implore you adventurer. Please seek out the source of this evil and put an end to it! Kill the king so that our children will be freed from the shackles of this monster!

Inside the Beast
As you wander the desert you see tentacles waving just on the other side of a sand dune. "What is this?" you wonder and start to move closer to where you can see over the dune. As you get to the top, you see a dreadful sand pit monster and find a terrified, injured man holding his leg. He sees you and begins to call for help... The quest starts in the Trammel desert near the compassion shrine. It is repeatable with a random surprise reward!

Felucca Quest

An Old Tome
Travel the Lost Lands of felucca and find the chest that holds this five-book quest. Collect the rewards so you can summon the creature from deep within.

Find Dorthy just outside of Britain and follow the yellow brick road on this fun Oz adventure!

The Holy grail
Can you help King Author and his knights complete their quest for the Holy Grail?

Malas Quest

Bones and Dirt. Bones and Dirt.
If Necromancy is your thing, you must be a frequent visitor to this bleak town. You'll find work there.

Tokuno Quest

Terrible Hatchlings
Find Ansella Gryen. The town of Zento needs you! Deathwatch beetle hatchlings have trampled through the fields again!

Ember Eyes
On your way looking for adventure you enter a village and find ratmen, humans, and even a kitsune living peacefully together. There are also some rats who look like ninjas. One of them notices you watching and comes to speak to you. And so begins your simple quest of guarding for a little extra gold, but things may change! The quest begins in a small village just a bit north of the Tokuno Isamu-Jima gate. Use the quest tile to progress in the quest. Tell it yes when you are ready to begin a part of the quest or no if you would rather wait a bit. The quest is repeatable and partly because the reward isn't the only thing available to acquire!

Ilshenar Quest

Marauders Quest
Marauders are raiding the barbarian village! Help the people and defeat the marauders. Treasure is to be had from them!

Cheeta Quest
Cheeta, a huntress traitor? Bring her back alive to the barbarian village to answer for her deeds and complete the quest!

Cave of Madness
The Chaos shamans of the barbarian village are a strange lot and have strange ways. To learn the ways of chaos, you must start like a child. Unlearn all that you know for in chaos the order and mysteries of magic unravel. Can you solve the puzzle of the cave of madness to learn the ways of a chaos shaman or will you go mad trying?

The Rescue
Go to the mansion in the north of Lakeshire. The Baron Alan Lakeshire was to hold an event, but those invited were captured along the way! You must rescue them! The quest reward is random ;)

Drow Rebellions
Lolth has appointed yet another new queen, but not everyone is pleased to serve. Dissatisfied with Lolth's choice for queen, some Drow have started a rebellion and plan to assassinate the queen forcing Lolth to choose another. Why did Lolth choose this queen? Why are these Drow rebelling? Whose side will you fight for?
There are quests for warriors and mages, thieves and spies, and even blacksmiths and tailors! Join the fight, and make your mark on the pages of Drow history and legend! The entrance to the quest area is north from the chaos shrine gate.

Crafting and Skill Quest

Haesphestus Quest
Look in the northern mining town for Haesphestus. He's got some work that needs doing, and he'll make it worth it.

String the Bow
A bower in the big city needs to hire another fletcher, and the pay is decent.

Florist Quest
There's a job for those of you with a green thumb. There are just not enough horticulturist on the island and the florist there is overwhelmed with business. The reward is great for you greenhouse.

Carpenter Quest
The carpenter in the country town south of Britain needs some skilled labor. He's quite generous with his knowledge.

Leonardo Quest
Leonardo is working on his greatest invention! It's a huge contraption that can see the stars! But, he needs a good tinker to make a few more parts. He'll be happy to give you his expertise in exchange for your labor.

Paraclesus Quest
The most acclaimed alchemist in the land, Paraclesus, needs an apprentice. You do the tedious work, and he'll add his expertise to your knowledge.

Wanda Quest
Wanda is walking the docks of a big city asking all the fishermen if they are willing to help her for a nice reward.

Fisherman Quest
In the canal town there's a fisherman who has yanked a nice prize out of the bay. It could be yours in exchange for your labor.

Advanced Fishing Quest
Love sitting at the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away? This canal town is where you want to be.

Various Quest
The palace town is getting ready for the biggest banquet of the year. People will come to this small island from all over Sosaria to join in. But, the chores are enormous and the best of craftsmen are needed to help!

Woody Quest
There's plenty of trees in this rustic village but not enough lumberjacks. Woody will pay well for your services.

Bartleby Quest
What's Bartleby to do? It seems everyone is headed to this magical island for scrolls these days. Can you help him out?

Heywood Quest
Mr. Heywood the renowned couturier is rather out of sorts. His staff has clipped every sheep on the island! His clients are about to take their business elsewhere! Could be the end of his illustrious career?

Agricola Quest
Need work? Agricola has plenty. His usual man ran off with his trumpet. Get your pickaxe and head north.

A scribbled List
Find Jayden Milvar in Serpent's Hold. He needs you to craft up and deliver some armor and weapons.

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