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Special thanks to Foray for compiling this list and information.

Druid magic is an advanced spell based system. It requires a minimum of 100 Animal Lore, 100 Animal Taming, and 100 Magery, and also to be able to cast any druid spell, you must be holding a Druid staff.

Druid spells are held in a Tome of Nature, and the spells themselves are found randomly as drops from the Evil Druids that hide in out of the way areas of the world.

There are only 3 druid reagents: Spring Water, Destroying Angel, and Petrified Wood.
Some druid spells still make use of magery reagents like for example Enchanted Grove also uses Mandrake Root and Volcanic Eruption also makes use of Sulphurous Ash.

Lastly, lower reagent cost, lower mana cost, faster casting, and faster cast recovery all work with Druidry.

There are 16 spells in the Tome of Nature and Druid spells are mostly centered around utility, support, and summoning roles.

Druid's Light
Cost: 20 mana
This is an area of effect night sight spell.

Pack of Beasts
Cost: 30 mana
This is a summoning spell like Magery's Summon Creature spell. Pack of Beasts will summon a random amount of animals ranging from various Wisps, to Silver Serpents, Drakes and even the fabled Dark Chickens. The monsters the spell spawn vary wildly in survivability with the Dark Chickens being the strongest, like all summons these can be dispelled.

Spring of Life
Cost: 35 mana
Note: Spring of Life may or may not cause the caster to accidentally heal someone or something the caster didn't intend to heal possibly resulting in the caster entering the criminal state so beware.
This is an area of effect healing spell similar to Magery's Greater Heal but slightly more powerful than a Greater Heal cast by a mage of 120 levels. However the spell as a built in limitation that the spell will only heal every few seconds and any attempts to cast the spell within this period of time will still be cast, take it's mana and reagents but return no heal.

Grasping Roots
Cost: 35 mana
This is a spell that works similar to Magery's paralyze, the spell roots the target to the spot they are standing on for several seconds. Do not rely on the graphics of the roots to determine if the spell is still in effect as the roots last longer than the spell usually does.

Blend With Forest
Cost: 45 mana
This immobilizes the target and renders them invisible for several seconds. While the target is invisible people will see a small tree where they stand.

Swarm of Insects
Cost: 45 mana
This behaves similar to Necromancy's Pain Spike. Swarm of Insects causes a swarm of stinging insects to attack the target dealing a good amount of direct damage, much like Pain Spike the spell as a built in delay and you can only get the full effect of the spell by casting it once every 10 or so seconds.

Summon Ent
Cost: 50 mana
This is a summon spell that summons an Ent (Tree Fellow) these summons take 2 follower slots and are fairly weak. Like all summons they can be dispelled.

Stone Circle
Cost: 50 mana
This is a utility field spell that creates a circle of rocks to appear around the target for a good length of time. The stones block movement but can still be teleported and shot over.

Enchanted Grove
Cost: 60 mana
This is a field spell that creats a sacred groves (semi obstructive) that will periodically heal the health and mana of all characters with positive karma within a short range of the grove, the higher your karma the better the spell works.

Natures Passage
Cost: 60 mana
This is a recall spell.

Mushroom Gateway
Cost: 65 mana
This is a gate spell.

Restorative Soil
Cost: 65 mana
This is a field spell that creates a patch of mud that when a deceased player walks over will prompt them for resurrection, the spell lasts for a good amount of time and can allow for very efficient resurrection in group hunts gone wrong.

Druid Vision
Cost: 70 mana
Note: If you a polymorphed, necro morphed or otherwise not in humanoid shape you will likely be prevented from even using this spell.
This is a utility spell that causes the caster to turn into a spirit. While a spirit your spirit is invulnerable (though I am not sure on your physical body). You temporarily lose all your skills but can travel around for about 30 seconds as a spirit without concern.

Create Clone
Cost: 75 mana
This is a summoning spell that makes a duplicate of your target, the clone always takes 3 follower slots (doesn't matter what you clone), like all summons it can be dispelled and the clone will always be fairly similar in power to the thing you cloned.

Earth Tremor
Cost: 85 mana
This is an area of effect spell that works very similar to Magery's Earthquake spell.

Volcanic Eruption
Cost: 90 mana
This is a field spell that creates pillars of fire lasting several seconds around the target that tick rapidly for multiple instances of fire damage to any possible targets that pass over or next to them.

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