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When allowing housing on the shard, we think along the line of our role play focus. We play different characters for different reasons. Most of the characters have their own unique personalities, or upbringing, why then should they all be made to live in the same location and house?

We allow 5 houses per account to help promote more variety for the role player. This is not done to allow for more item hoarding, but I'm sure that will happen. Players can not place their own houses, but need to page staff to do so. You are not allow to have 5 18x18 houses all hooked together, but are allowed a variety of sizes.

Each account may have:
2 houses sizes 14x14 to 18x18 or anything within that size range
1 house 11x11 up to 13x13 or odd size with in this.
2 houses 10x10 or smaller with the freehouse given out to be 10x10 or smaller.

The maximum size house you may have connected is 2 18x18. You may have any size house connected, but only 2 houses may be connected no matter what size they are.

Ready Built Houses

Everything below the two story Villa would be in the small house catagory, the 10x10 or smaller realm. The largest freehouse you can have is a small tower.

The two story Villa, Log cabin, and Sandstone patio would fit in the medium area, the 11x11 to 13x13

The Brick house and everything from there would fit in the large catagory, the 14x14 on up.

Remember, there are no castles or keeps on the shard.

Now that you have chosen the perfect place to settle down and build your house, you may wonder if there is anyway to beautify it with a lovely yard. Why, yes!

Yards may be the width of your house and 10 tiles (steps) to the front. The cost is 1K per tile. If you have a 10x10 house, your yard property would cost 100K gold. If you have an 18x18 house, the cost of the yard would be 180k. The yard is to be bordered by something, a fence or hedge. This is to go on the last tile around the yard. The cost of the fence is free.

In some cases, depending on space, you may also buy a side yard on the East side of your house. The same cost and rules apply, 1k per tile, a border of some sort around it. Yards are not allowed on the West side or the Backside of the houses. Front yards and side yards are 2 seperate yards, they will not be connected. We also do not connect any houses with bridges.

Once you have purchased your yards, you may then buy additional items to put in them to decorate and make your place truly special. There are many items for sale at Home Deco that you can buy. Do remember that staff will have to place and lock down any item you want in your yard.

One exception to buying a yard before you can have items in it, would be the drinkable well, or drinkable fountain. Those can be placed without buying the yard first.